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Lawn Care Tips: Caring For Your Grass & Lawn

The Lawn Care Suffolk County home owners require can be very time consuming. You need to come up with a daily, weekly and monthly regime to address watering, fertilizing and mowing needs as well as a regime to handle problem areas and weeds. Here are some lawn care tips for caring for your grass and lawn:

  • Watering: Watering should be done daily either early in the morning or in the afternoon. Avoid watering at night as it does not give time for the water to absorb and dry which can lead to disease. You should be applying no more than six inches of water per day as any more will lead to problems such as soil erosion. The best way to water your lawn is with an automatic sprinkler which is set on a timer and will water the exact amount of saturation required at the best time of day.
  • Mowing: You should mow your lawn once a week and be certain not to mow the lawn too short. It should be kept at about 2.5 to 2.75 inches in order to keep weeds at bay.
  • Weeds: Weeds are always a challenge for lawn care in Suffolk County and it can be frustrating dealing with the different kinds of weeds. Crabgrass appears as bushy, thick and unruly areas of grass in spots across your lawn. First you will have to remove the patches by hand and then seed or place sod in the bald patches left behind. You can apply corn gluten meal in early spring to avoid crabgrass setting in. Dandelions are a broadleaf weed which requires a weed killer be sprayed in the spring to avoid spreading. You then can spot kill dandelions and other weeds throughout the season as required.
  • Thin, Patchy Grass: Thin patches are usually due to a poor quality of soil such as acidity and unhealthy sulphur levels. You can have your soil tested to find out what nutrients are missing and apply nutrients to balance your soil.
  • Fertilizing: You can fertilize your lawn using a 20-5-10 mixture each spring. Look for slow release mixes in granule form for the greenest grass. The best spreader to use is a broadcast spreader applied tire to tire up and down the long to avoid burns. You can then read the instructions for watering to ensure you water properly. Granule fertilizers usually recommend a good soaking prior to spreading the fertilizer.

Using these tips will make the lawn care you need in Suffolk County a little easier.

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